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nirupam’s “proofread” bread

This bread is only for the perfectionists. Nirupam’s classic “proofread” bread is a must for the searching soul that seeks perfection in content. With this starter on your plate, your business will soon climb the ladders of reputation and SEO rankings and can face the world with a content stomach. Order this if you want to taste the sweetness of perfection.

jay’s “subtitle” kebab

Jay’s “subtitle” kebab is world renowned for the precision with which it is made. This is an inspired dish from the kitchen of Linguavista that has left a lasting impression on our clients. The perfect timing is the key behind this dish. It is an open secret that the right temperature and the right blend of spices lend kebabs their truly delicious flavor. We stay true to this philosophy and our expert chefs ensure that you enjoy this delight in no time at all. This is the perfect companion to Ethan’s spicy “video” soup.

sreeparna’s grilled “language” chop

Yet another of our specialties. Sreeparna’s grilled “language” chop is famous for its unique way of preparation and presentation. Language chefs from Japan, China, Spain and Germany have worked relentlessly to perfect this dish for you. The portion and flavor of this fan favorite dish will be hard to forget once you finish it. We customize this dish as per your request to make sure that you get the best taste of our service.

payal’s “interpret” cheesecake

Payal’s “interpret” cheesecake is one of our house specialties that leave you wondering – how can we be so good? We customize our cheesecake to suit your tastebuds. This delectable dessert can be customized depending on whether you are on business or a personal date. We understand the importance of context and this shows in how our language chefs prepare this wonderful dish for you.


Treat yourself to some of our world famous starters that have helped shape hundreds of brands over the last few years. Browse around from a selection of hand crafted content solutions to carefully edited voiceover recordings.


Now that you are up to speed with our starters, it is time to go to the first course. If you are looking to record the beautiful evening with your camera and trying to reach a wide variety of audience with your videos, we would strongly recommend you to have a bite of our first course meals.


Drumrolls, please! It is time for our main course. Something that we are truly known for. We have had the pleasure of serving some of the most renowned brands all around the globe and now we open our doors to you.


Last, but not the least. It is time for some sweet delicacies. Our desserts are for those who want to enjoy their icing as much as their cake. Our mouthwatering desserts will leave you craving for more. That is a promise.

abhi’s famous “content” sandwich

Try “Abhi’s Famous Content Sandwich” and get a taste of how awesome content can be. We proudly present this dish to you based on the experience of over 500 content experts who work with us on a day to day basis. If you are hungry for some quick content to set up your site, this will be the perfect starter to begin the Linguavista experience.

ethan’s spicy “video” soup

Try Ethan’s spicy “video” soup if you are looking for a blend of creativity and presentation. This soup will leave you wanting for even more. Your taste buds will tingle with the flavor of awesomeness that you will be exposed to. We have a special production team in our house to handle this hot fan favorite. So what are you waiting for? Lets turn the heat up and get your brand to shine.

olivia’s “localized” alfredo linguine

Olivia’s “localized” alfredo linguine is our household specialty for years. It is an art as much as it as a dish. The process involves handling the tender pasta with sophistication that has come to define us over the years. Our perfect blend of the sauce that goes into making this dish a success has brought us clients from all around the globe. We localize our dish to suit the taste of our beloved guests. Now that is localization!

victoria’s “voiceover” sundae

Victoria’s “voiceover” sundae is a delightful and sweet treat for anyone who loves variety. You can customize this dish as per your taste and select the exact ingredients that go on to make this lovely dessert. We understand that customization is everything and which is why, our language chefs craft this dish with the right balance that you truly desire.



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